Pesticides and Money

Bill McKibben’s  book oil and honey is the documented struggle of the environmental efforts against the oil industry and the role honey bees play in our everyday life. The book offers unique perspectives from Bill Mckibben , environmental rock star and good friend Kirk Webster, the beekeeper.Bill Mckibben is an environmental rocks star because of his role in environmentalism. Bill Mckibben is the founder of  350.Org. This is his most well known environmental with his books like EAARTH and Deep Economy.

Dear Friends,

This will be longer letter than common for the internet age  -it’s more serious stuff.

The Short Version is we want you to consider doing something hard: coming to Washington in the hottest and stickiest weeks of the summer and engaging in civil disobedience that will quite possibly get you arrested.

-Bill Mckibben

This is the shortened version on the full email on pg.17.This is important because he lays out the plan of what he wants and the possible repercussions this could have.Now anyone who wishes to get involved with the movement knows what to expect.“It’s a quiet revolution begun by ordinary people with the stuff of our daily lives ” – Bill Mckibben, this is important because he is acknowledging that anyone can start a movement. You or I could do the same thing. Yes, it helps that he is Bill Mckibben, but that the beauty of the grass roots movement.

After the rally in Washington, DC, 1253,people got arrested. This speaks to the type of leader Bill Mckibben is. He was able to persuade people to come protest in the nations capital knowing they were going to get arrested. I personally don’t know that I could part take in a movement like this, I know I’m not financially stable at this point in my life. I could not risk something that would potentially prevent me from finding a job after college. An Author like Bill Mckibben really doesn’t have to worry about this to much.

It is important to point out that this was a civil disobedience movement. All the protesters were part taking in a non-violent peaceful protest. This is the standard for all civil disobedience movements. I think it really speaks to the power of the protest. They were able to get their point across in a non-violent manner. it’s a movement that I think Gandhi would be proud of.

Bill Mckibben and protesters finally got the attention they were looking for. After several days of protesting they had their first arrests .Bill was arrested along with the first wave of protesters. Unfortunately, the trip to jail didn’t go to plan at all. when they arrived the situation was more serious then expected. The police wanted to make an example out of the first wave of protesters. Bill Mckibben and company was forced to spend several days in jail as apposed to several hours. I find it interesting that when asked if they could speaks to their lawyers they were told ” Not on the weekend” by one of the guards. This seems like a violation of constitutional rights.  In fairness maybe lawyers don’t work on the weekend. I have a feeling the guards may have wanted to make an example of the first wave of protesters they arrested.

Their protest in Washington was a large success,it was part of many protests across the country. The more protests like this happen the more aware people  become of environmental issues. It is websites like that help people become educated about important environmental issues. The 350 in is reference to what science considers a safe level of CO2 in the environmental in parts per million. We currently sit at 400 ppm with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. That is why it was so important to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline proposed by the company TransCanada.

The pipeline was set to go from Canada, through the U.S. and into the Gulf  of Mexico.  Thankfully it was rejected. This was a big win for environmentalists. One that gave Bill Mckibben and other environmentalists , like myself hope. At the end of the day that is the best you can do sometimes. You have to remain optimistic that the American people and the whole world and realize the mistakes we have made in the past. Hopefully we can avoid them in the future. The lessons we learned in the Keystone Pipeline can be applied to the North East Energy Direct natural gas pipeline. Although not mentioned in the book, I think it’s important to mention.  The natural gas pipeline proposed by the Kinder-Morgan Company stretches from Pennsylvanian to Massachusetts, some 420 miles.

Unfortunately, the natural gas pipeline doesn’t offer many benefits to the people of New England. The only state that really benefits is Pennsylvania, who already had a natural gas compressor station. It would be paid for in part by a tariff applied to electric bills of people in New England. Not to mention the environmental catastrophe if the pipeline leaked.  The same could be said for the Keystone Pipeline but on a larger scale. I understand that they have to get the oil to these places some how. I’m not convinced the best method is through a pipeline.

In the future I would like to see the United States as well as the rest  of the world divest in fossil fuels and invest in renewable energy. Hydroelectric and solar energy are two forms of renewable energy that the U.S. could invest. This would also give a boost to our economy by creating new jobs in the green jobs sector. Who doesn’t like that ? As an environmental studies major it would definitely be beneficial to someone like me.

The other part of the book is focused around Kirk Webster and his honey bees. Bees play an important role in the environment. They are responsible for pollinating 1/3rd of the world’s food supply. Without them the human species couldn’t exist for very long. Part of the problem is industrial agriculture. As  the population continues to grow it becomes harder for small farmers like Kirk to make it. Industrial agriculture and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) have helped to drive don the price of food in this country . ” I think about the few farmers i know of who have been successful over long period of time : The Amish, the French market gardeners out side Paris. Both decided they had to remain separate from society”. Is this the fate small farmers like Kirk have to resort to if they are going to make it? Why can’t the government see the benefit of small farmers ?

Bees play a large role in pollinating our food supply. Our widespread use of pesticides have greatly decreased the bee population worldwide. In 2006, beekeepers experienced a 50% loss in bees in their hives. That is scary to think about. In 2013, beekeepers reported  a 40% decline in bees in their hives. I’m glad to see the number is improving but that is still far to many bees dying. That is why Beekeepers are so beneficial to modern agriculture and the bees.

When Bill Mckibben helped Kirk buy the bee farm in Vermont. It was seen as an investment on his part. An investment to our environment and to his daughter who was suffering from cancer. It was also for himself. He wanted to get over his fear of bees. He had a run in with some bees will hiking in the woods. He was stung upwards of 90 times and had to be rushed to the hospital and put on lots of Iv’s. it was a traumatic experience. It also gave Kirk a chance to perfect his craft with his bees. He wanted to impart the knowledge he learned on the rest of the world. For the future generation of beekeepers to come. What better way of doing this than by having a farm?

In recent years Neonicotinoids have come under fire. They have been linked as a major contributor to colony collapse disorder. This class of pesticides weakens a bee nervous system. They lose the ability to navigate and reproduce. Two things that are essential to the bee population sustaining itself. Neonicotinoids have already been banned state wide in Oregon. I hope in the future other states will take the same initiative. This class of pesticides has been largely banned in Europe since 2013.

One way to combat this through urban beekeeping. Urban beekeeping is the process of using a space like a city rooftops to keep bees. It is legal in cities all over the United States such as Burlington, New York, Portland, San Francisco, and Chicago.Urban beekeeping is the future to sustaining the bee population.  Hopefully with all of these urban bee spots popping up we will see a buzz in the bee population.

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Building The wall

T.C. Boyle’s fiction novel, The Tortilla Curtain, is the documented struggle of immigration, environmentalism and racism. I think there is a terrible stigma that seems to be associated with Mexican immigrants. Americans  tends to treat these people like they are the scum of the earth. There is very much  dehumanizing aspect to it. Its very apparent in the gated community where Delaney lives, Arroyo Blanco, It ‘s all about privilege and exclusivity.

” I told you- he was Mexican” ( pg.15). Delaney was of course referring to the person he hit with his car. As if being Mexican made him less of a person. The initial reaction from his wife, Kara proved that this was not true.  He offered Candido $20 to go away, he took it. As if $20 was sufficient money for someone who has so little coming  from someone who is very affluent.This is the struggle of an illegal immigrant, they can’t find work and are forced to take money anyway they can get it. Delaney came from a well to do family. He never have to worry about money. Candido on  the other hand  did. He was struggling just to survive, working to make a living for him and his pregnant wife.

“He’d taken American from her father so they could have a better life…and now he couldn’t even put foot in her mouth. Worse: was going to earn his keep. (pg. 26). Candido and his young wife were struggling to get by. After being injured in the car accident with Delaney he couldn’t work. His young was forced to go out and find work  at the labor exchange just so they could survive. Something that Delaney couldn’t comprehend, He worked as a journalist and his wife as a real estate tycoon. They were well off. He knew the conditions his wife would be subjected to would not be good.  Immigrants, some illegal, come to the United States in search of a better life. Doing cheap labor jobs that most American’s don’t want to do themselves. Doing slave labor for slave pay.

“It’s about Mexicans, it’s about blacks. It’s about exclusions, division, hate” (pg.220). Their neighborhood is about being better then everyone else. It’s very much like the environmental crisis the world is facing. The people with all the money and power are refusing to do things to help the environment. It’s going to continue to happen regardless if you do something about it or not. In arroyo they believe building a wall will keep immigrants out of their area. But just like they coyotes, there is always a way in.

I don’t think enough is said about this. We have a giant wall separating the United States border from that of Mexico. Yet we still export from Mexico and import good into Mexico. So we don’t mind using them for cheaper labor.Delaney explains it perfectly to Kyra   when he said ““Do you realize what you’re saying? Immigrants are the lifeblood of this country—we’re a nation of  immigrants—and neither of us would be standing here today if it wasn’t.” (pg.101).I think most American citizens forget that our ancestors for the the most part were all immigrants.  God  forbid one shows up on American Soil and everyone freaks out. But for the most part  the immigrant workers are taking the jobs most American’s would refuse to do. Mexican immigrant workers are used extensively in the agriculture business. Where they are exposed to high levels of toxic chemicals.  I feel like most American people have more of a problem with Mexican immigrants then any other nationality. 


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The Power of Language

Language is defined as a body of words and the systems for their use common people who are of the same community or nation, the same geographical area, or the same cultural tradition. By this definition both humans and animals have language. Language is a act of being wild according to Gary Snyder.  I find it interesting that because animals have language that humans can’t understand it most mean they don’t have language. ” We are Mammal Primates. But we have language that , and the animals don’t (pg.18). How is it possible that we evolved from primates yet we don’t consider humans to be animals?

Language is a powerful tool that connects animals across many different cultures and geographical boundaries.Language has also been used as a bench mark for intelligence. it is part of the reason humans consider ourselves to be more intelligence than nay other species on the planet. Most people in the world can or are learning to speak English. For most people it is not their native tongue. Yet around the world many people are learning other languages apposed go their native tongue. For me, this is where most people start to lose their wild. They conform to what society wants and lose several pieces of their heritage. 

“American Society (like any other) has it’s own set of unquestioned assumption” (pg. 65). One of them being if you live in the United States you should speak the English language. This assumption is very interesting to  me because if we had never gained our Independence  from England, what language would we be speaking today? All humans on this planet are descendants from Africa in one way of another. In reality we would be speaking a variation of some African native tongue.

If we are trying to force of language on the world, is it really wild ? In my opinion if language is truly wild it has to occur naturally. The fact that we had to convince the world to adopt our language tells me it is not really wild.   In many parts of the world exist languages that are no longer spoken. When you think about it , it’s kind of sad. Latin is considered a dead language even though it has real world applications. Latin is commonly used on standardized tests and in the medical field. when you stop speaking a language that not many people speak it becomes easy to lose that culture too. This starts to happen because as a society we value one language over another. English is a very popular language that is spoken world wide.

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Monkey wrenching is a form of sabotage as a form of protest.  It has become a popular way for radical environmentalist to take action in protest against major environmental  issues. Although highly illegal, it’s effective. For most individuals involved in the particular form of protest, jail is no worry to them. In most cases  getting arrested for standing up for an environmental issue is a great way to gain national attention. Its exactly what protesters want! The Monkey Wrench Gang is a book by Edward Abbey that follows the journey of  Hayduke, Bonnie, Smith, and Doc. Their goal is to try an prevent the destruction of  the southwestern United States from industrial development. Specifically from mining, deforestation, and crude oil harvesting.

“The wilderness once offered men a plausible way of life…now it functions as a psychiatric refuge (pg.63). Out west the wilderness is a way of life”. It is teeming with an abundance of natural resources which major corporations love to harvest. It;s big business for them. The problem is these companies are not concerned with the  environmental impacts involved with harvesting these natural resources. This is much to the dismay of  Hayduke who is a former Green Beret. He spent some time fighting in the Vietnam war. He fell in  love with the beauty of the southwest and is watching it be destroyed before his very eyes. That is why the monkey wrench gang must come together to stop it. I know this is a fictional book, but its reasons like this that i want to become a park ranger, To help maintain the beauty of the natural world in the United States.

Strip mining and oil harvesting are major contributors to CO2 emissions . It also leads to a tremendous amount of environmental destruction. The U.S. would really have to invest in clean energy or stop being so consumer driven in order to change the plight the environment is experiencing in the southwest, all over the U.S. The government has no reason to change to more renewable technology because the oil companies give lots of money to the government. The money that goes into politics are a major reason environmentally friendly technology is not as prevalent as it could be.

It got really excited when the books talks about Bonnie and Doc putting  up signs saying the bridge was out. Hayduke and Smith were attempting to use thermite to blow the bridge ( pg.314). That’s the type of radical environmentalism that is really exciting. Its also the type that gets you noticed. Unless you bring environmental issues to the forefront nothing will change.  It reminds me of the monkey wrenching that happened in Warner Creek, Oregon. A group of radical environmentalists set up a blockade to prevent loggers from logging trees in a federally protected area. The clear cutting of the Oregon forest lead to several areas of old growth trees being destroyed. Eventually after holding up the blockade for nearly a year and several arrests later, logging was stopped, This was one of the most successful campaigns of monkey wrenching in envionmental history. If your interested in the full story, check out the documentary Pickaxe !

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The Cancer Within Us

” The cancer process cancer process is not unlike the creative process. They divide and multiple, become invasive” (pg.44). The way Terry Tempest Williams compares creative thought to cancer tumor growth is interesting to me. Particular because I have never thought of it this way.  But it’s true, cancer tumor usually develop slow and grow quickly. Much like creative thoughts do. Creative thoughts occur over a longer period of time. They usually encompass  many layers of ideas or thoughts.

Cancer is one of those diseases that truly touches everyone. Its really kind of sad to think about. For Terry Tempest Williams cancer has caused nine  mastectomies and  seven deaths. Cancer has effected me and my family. Several of my family member have received cancer diagnosis over there lifetime. Fortunately most of my family have managed to win their battle with this disease.I know there re plenty of people that were not so lucky. It’s a harsh reality that we most face that everyday we put ourselves at risk for this disease. Most of it as a result of incidental contact with carcinogenic chemicals.

For Terry tempest Williams ,Nevada is more than the place she lives, it her refuge. The beautiful nature and  Mountains are her escape from all that troubles her. It is the one place that cancer can’t touch. ” I know the solitude my mother speaks of. It is what sustains me and protects me from my mind.It render me present. I am the dessert. I am the Mountains. I am the Great salt Lake” (pg.29). Nature is her form of therapy. As it is mine. There is no place i would rather be than in  nature. It offers people what ever they want from it. It’s a form of healing on a spiritual level. Being present in nature is a great way to clear the mind of what ails us.

I know whenever I’m in nature i feel a certain level of clarity. Being in nature offers me the same level of zen i experience from runners high. It”s that feeling that I’m always chasing, but don’t always experience. When I’m in nature i feel at home. That feeling was very similar for Terry Tempest Williams. Out west, in Nevada,was her home. Her whole family lived here. It’s the way of life she knew  and grew up with. Her experience in Sierra Nevada Mountains Is very similar to mine in The white mountains of New Hampshire. There is no better way to spend a weekend  then in the mountains.

Home for her was also in the Bear river migratory bird refuge. It was a place for her to study nature and be fascinated by it. It allowed her to connect with nature on a spiritual level. It killed her inside that the Nuclear testing done in Nevada was killing the wildlife and her family. It was hurting two things she cared about wildlife and her family , she was powerless to stop it. Years of nuclear testing had left her and her family exposed to many carcinogenic toxins. It was killing her and her family slowly, bringing down the wildlife with it.


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Culture Shock

Linda Hogan’s Solar storm is a story of two different  worlds. A sustainable society that was governed by the natural world, our society which is filled with consumerism in the western society.The natives grew to respect the land and all it had to offer.” But there was a place inside the human that spoke to the land, that entered dreaming, in the way people in the north found direction in their dreams ” (pg.170). Maybe is humans had a deeper connection to the land like the indigenous had maybe the western world wouldn’t be such an environmental catastrophe. Unfortunately, in our society we lose sight of the true value of the world we live in. To us, the land is just something to use how we see fit.

The indigenous people grew up respecting the land and all the creatures with in. The also treadled lightly  on the land with a light footprint.They didn’t leave much behind when it came to waste. A practice the western world could definitely use a lesson on. When the indigenous people when out and killed an animal they used all that they could from it. It was how they showed respect to the animal. When Agnes killed the last glacier bear she did it out of respect to the bear. The bear talked to her and asked that she end it suffering. This was also evident when LaRue took Angel fishing and she became upset that he dragged the fish along side the boat (Pg.88).He was mistreating the fish in her eyes. This was something that was not tolerated in most indigenous culture.

This was remarkable to me. The indigenous people always believe in the spirit an animal posses. Every animal has meaning in native culture and demands respect. The turtle in solar storm was just a pile of bones to western culture . But in indigenous culture turtles represent the earth and life. I have read many creation myths  and the turtle always seems to represent the earth coming together. I think this is because of the turtles ability to live on land and in water. It also has a strong shell that can support a lot of weight.

The natives were a firm believer in the healing power of plants Agnes used plats to cure Angel of her Insomnia. I am also a believer of herbal and natural remedies. I personally like to try use natural remedies for common health issues than go to a western medicine doctor and be prescribed a antibiotic or steroid.  It was sad to me when Agnes died because Angel was unable to obtain the plants necessary to health her grandmother in time. This speaks to the struggle the natives had trying to live their style of life instead of being influenced by western culture.

The saddest part of the book for me was about the dam issue. The western world wanted to put in a dam so they could get more water as a result man of the natives suffered. This is symbolic of the struggle natives still face today. It happen to the Indigenous in this book and it happened through out or history. One of the most famous cases being the damming  of Hetch Hechy  Valley in Yosemite national park. John Muir didn’t want to see the damn being built. While Gifford Pinchot was for it, despite the fact that he to was an environmentalist, he damn would supply power to many people in Nevada.

The saddest thing to me is that we as environmentalists have to fight so hard to protect our land. Shouldn’t the government want to protect the natural beauty mother earth has to offer ? Unfortunately not, as we continue to let major corporations  run this country in the name of the all mighty dollar. This speaks volumes to me about the social and environmental injustice that we done to the natives. It still continues to happen in today’s society , except now it happening to us!

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Wendell Berry’s unsettling of America is all about the connect between humans and the land. “The soil is the great connector of lives, the source and destination of all. It is the healer and restorer and resurrector, by which disease passes into health, age into youth, death into life. Without proper care for it we can have no community, because without proper care for it we can have no life.” Without the land we will die. That is important for people to realize.If the soil is ruined we can’t plant and grow crops. That is an essential part of our survival as a human species.

“For the true measure of agriculture is not the sophistication of its equipment the size of its income or even the statistics of its productivity but the good health of the land.” It really all goes back to the health of the land an soil. Land and soil that we continuously ruin everyday. With the creation of power tools and pesticides. This process is sped up all the more.

Agriculture as the natives knew it is dead today. Technology has taken over and left a major path of destruction in it’s wake. When Columbus first broke ground with the natives they were a society based on culture. The Native America as we called them, used the land to sustain their way of life. They grew plenty of crops of the land and live at peace with nature. They used the skins of the animals they killed to make clothing. Not much of the animal went to waste. A practice that is forgotten by the modern world.When the Native American’s live on the land, they thrived. It was not until the late 1830’s that the steel plow was invented. This allowed farmer to plant more crops in a shorter amount of time.  This is when the destruction of the land really started to take off.

As a society we have become really greedy. Hopefully in the future we can live more for the good of others. Once we realize that everything doesn’t have to be a competition for resources. Mother Earth truly does have enough to sustain all of us. Then we can resettle America and take back the life we once knew.


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The Four Changes

Gary Snyder is a poetic environmentalist that is trying to change the way we view the world we live in. His  poem ” Four Changes ” brought to light four changes Snyder thought  needed to happen to save the planet. The United States  is currently in need of a drastic change! The consumerist society the United States has become is getting out of control. As the population increase the problem only gets worse. If people realized what damage they were doing to the environment maybe they would stop! People need to make the connection between how much we consume and the negative effects on the environment.

Every time a new product  comes out everyone is quick to buy. Nobody ever stops to think whether or not they actually need it? Will owning the new product make them any happier? Most people only buy things because they want to fit in. They get caught up in the hype of a new product and buy on impact. Companies know this and exploit it. Every time we turn on the television we are mercifully bombarded with media ads. They instruct us to buy this product or that product, but at what cost ?

Most consumers fail to see the that pollution and consumption are inversely related. The more people consume the greater the pollution problem becomes in this country. China and the United States are two of the largest contributors to the pollution problem we face on this planet. They Also have two of the largest economies. The more we choose to shop instead of using what we have, we are only adding to that issue.

Transformation, in the final change  it the one that puts it all together. ” Everyone is the result of the four forces,the conditions of the known-universe ” (pg.99).The four changes exist within all of us. it is up to us to make the changes so we can continue to have a livable planet for he future. In order to fix the current issues we face we must do something about the every growing population on the planet. The current population is around 7 billion people and will continue to grow. We also must reduce our dependency on technology and become more about community. If e do that, we can save this planet.




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Turtle Island

I have to be completely honest, I find poetry to be very boring. I struggle to comprehend most poetry I read, but with Turtle Island that changed.  The way Gary Snyder writes is interesting to me. His poems really seem to come to life. One of my favorite poems in the book was it Pleases (pg.44). The poem is short and simple but has a strong message. Our nation’s capital is in Washington D.C. The heart of the government is here. The United States government is very powerful , yet even they can not control the bird in the sky. The poem is basically saying that no matter how  powerful our government gets they will never be able to control nature. It also goes back to the point of we don’t need nature, but nature needs us. It is so true! Life existed billions of years before human life. It will continue to thrive long after humans go extinct.

I also enjoyed the poem What Happened Here (pg. 78).  This is a great reminder to the destruction humans have done to Planet Earth. 300,000,000 years ago the Earth was a pristine beauty. Untouched by man, no many life forms existed at this time.  It wasn’t  until the last 150 years or so that humans have really become destructive. Ever since the industrial revolution of the 1920’s we have been living in a consumer  society. Major corporations know this and they advertise as such. When i’m at school  I don’t have cable therefore I rarely watch TV. But when I go home to visit I do. Its then that i finally realize i’m not missing much. It is so peaceful to not be constantly bombarded with media ads.

Four Changes was a very well written poem if you can call it that. It’s longer then what I would  considered a normal poem. It address all the major issues our country faces. Well I think some of Gary Snyder’s views on population control are extreme. I agree we have to come up with a plan to stop our ever growing population. The world’s population is roughly Seven Billion people. That number increases steadily every decade. Pollution is another major issue in our society. Our ever growing dependence on fossil fuels continues to dump carbon emissions into our atmosphere at an alarming rate. This is causing  more people to become sick from a lack of clean oxygen to breathe.  He brings up good point ” Every Thing that lives eats food, and is food in turn”. There is a food chain that is in order. Humans happen to be the apex predator. Unfortunately the only thing that can really kill humans in today society are each other and disease. Transformation is one of the changes that has to be made in today’s society. We have become such a technology advanced society, technology runs our lives. We use our laptops and smartphones everyday and disregard the way it’s changing us.

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The systems Thinker

Systems thinking is the ability to connect one thing to another. Rachel Carson was one of the greatest systems thinkers of her time. She the ability to foresee the destruction pesticides would cause to the natural world. She also makes the connection for the readers between disease and pesticide use. Systems thinking is something that most great scientists do.  Her ability to use systems thinking really helped me connect with her. Since learning about systems thinking I have been able to apply it to my everyday life. It has allowed me to see the bigger picture in life.

She made the connection between pesticide use and the decline of bird and fish populations. It was very eyeopening for me to read. I don’t think  she was the only one to make these connections. I think the government knew what harm these pesticides would cause and still chose to implement  them. They were a very cheap solution that had the desired effect. It eliminated the desired trees and plants.  It also wiped out several bird and fish species. It also effected humans who had limited contact with it  and people’s pets.This speaks to one of the major issues we have in America and all over the world. We all want the quick fix but are unwilling to see the consequences they will have.  We turn a blind eye to the real harm it causes because it produced the desired effect.

She also warned of the diseases people would suffer from the indiscriminate use of pesticide use. In most cases people did not have the choice to come in to contact with these chemicals or not. Often times people were unaware of the true dangers that exposure could cause. She made the connection between pesticides use and the increase cases of cancer. A disease Carson herself was suffering from . She was able to use systems  thinking to make the connection between pesticide use and cancer.

The effects of silent spring can still be felt today. pesticide use was big back in the 50’s and 60’s and is till big today. It caused people to become more aware. It certainly has for me. More people today eat organic foods when ever possible. They are choosing to make more responsible purchases at the grocery store. I work at a grocery store back home. Customers are definitely trying to buy more local and organic products. It is mind blowing to me that it cost more to eat health than it does to eat poorly. You can buy a soda and a candy bar for the same price as a pound of organic apples.

Also if you get the chance ,watch the documentary: The Human Experiment . Its demonstrates the far and wide uses  of chemicals and how the effect people in there everyday life.



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